Chloé Small Faye Handbag

So lately I have been having a Chloé handbag obsession. I'm completely in love with all the handbags, I could own each one in every color. Sure thats a little over board but I love these handbags that much.  About a year ago I stumble upon a the blog "Walk In Wonderland" which I really enjoy. I love her fashion style. I lean towards anything that is girly and chic so thats why I enjoy reading her blog. She featured a lovely chloe bag in an outfit post recently and instantly I clicked the direct link to this particular bag. It's called the "Small Faye" bag. It's gorgeous!!!!!!!!!! I posted some pics of the "Small Faye" bag along with other Chloé bags that are on my wish list as well. I hope you enjoy! I would love to know what are you favorite handbags. xoxo Alicia :)

"Small Faye"

The Drew

"Small Faye"
The different textures on this bag are absolutely beautiful.

"The Drew"
I love this bright color for Summer! Especially for when you just wanna add a pop of color to an outfit.

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