So everybody on youtube has been talking about Baublebar. So finally I decided to actually visit the actual website. Immediately fell in love with with the majority of the pieces. If you haven't visited the site then I completely suggest that you do. Today Im going to share with you some of my favorite pieces.

*Cape Town Bracelet*
I love these bracelets especially for Summer. The bright colors can pull any outfit together with or with out color.

*Alessandra Tassel Bib Necklace*

*Eve Collar Necklace* 
I love necklaces that are big and colorful for Spring. Bright colors are my go to especially for the Spring and the Summer months.

* Ether Drops Earring*

*Mariposa Ear Jackets*
These are so cute I love them! Very chic and feminine.

* Ice Sidestep Ring*

*Ice Triplet Midi Ring*
 These are just some of my favorites I would list each and every piece that I love but then this post would go on forever. Whats your favorite piece?

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  1. I love the pink nail polish!