Chloé Small Faye Handbag

So lately I have been having a Chloé handbag obsession. I'm completely in love with all the handbags, I could own each one in every color. Sure thats a little over board but I love these handbags that much.  About a year ago I stumble upon a the blog "Walk In Wonderland" which I really enjoy. I love her fashion style. I lean towards anything that is girly and chic so thats why I enjoy reading her blog. She featured a lovely chloe bag in an outfit post recently and instantly I clicked the direct link to this particular bag. It's called the "Small Faye" bag. It's gorgeous!!!!!!!!!! I posted some pics of the "Small Faye" bag along with other Chloé bags that are on my wish list as well. I hope you enjoy! I would love to know what are you favorite handbags. xoxo Alicia :)

"Small Faye"

The Drew

"Small Faye"
The different textures on this bag are absolutely beautiful.

"The Drew"
I love this bright color for Summer! Especially for when you just wanna add a pop of color to an outfit.


So everybody on youtube has been talking about Baublebar. So finally I decided to actually visit the actual website. Immediately fell in love with with the majority of the pieces. If you haven't visited the site then I completely suggest that you do. Today Im going to share with you some of my favorite pieces.

*Cape Town Bracelet*
I love these bracelets especially for Summer. The bright colors can pull any outfit together with or with out color.

*Alessandra Tassel Bib Necklace*

*Eve Collar Necklace* 
I love necklaces that are big and colorful for Spring. Bright colors are my go to especially for the Spring and the Summer months.

* Ether Drops Earring*

*Mariposa Ear Jackets*
These are so cute I love them! Very chic and feminine.

* Ice Sidestep Ring*

*Ice Triplet Midi Ring*
 These are just some of my favorites I would list each and every piece that I love but then this post would go on forever. Whats your favorite piece?

The Best Highlighters For 2015

Currently I have been having an obsession over highlighters. I have tried my share of drug store along with high end products. I want to share with you five of my favorites that I am absolutely in love with.
                                              BECCA - SHIMMERING SKIN PERFECTER"TOPAZ"


Hourglass -  Ambient Light Power 

Laura Mercier - Face illuminator "Un ète A Ibiz" 
Mac - Mineralize Skin Finish "Gold Deposit"
I love a highlight that gives me more of a sheen rather than looking like glitter on my face. To me I personally  feel like its just not natural however if you love it then rock it because thats all that matters at the end of the day. I hope you are having a great day and always stay positive.
XOXo Alicia......

The Yogurt Tap!

The other day I wanted to get out the house. Whenever I stay in the house for to long it literally gives me anxiety. So to refresh myself I took my sister and Ava out to get some frozen yogurt at the Yogurt Tap in Downtown Decatur. Its a little cute town just right outside of Atlanta. Downtown  Decatur is filled with tons of cute shops and amazing places to eat at.

My Youtube Channel! Check it out!

I just wanted to let you know that I do have a youtube channel. I post often about anything beauty related. I would really appreciate it if you took some time to check it out . My channel name is Missalicia101.  I just posted a prom tutorial a couple of days ago so be sure to check that out as well. Thanks soo much!
Youtube: MissAlicia101

Makeup On FLEEK!

Lately I have been looking at numerous pictures of different celebrities makeup. I have been feeling very inspired to create different looks. I wanted to share a couple of looks that I felt we absolutely stunning. I don't know who Adrienne Bailon's make up artist is but they do a great job. Some times i just tune into" The Real"(the talk show) just to look at what Adrienne is wearing and to check out her makeup. Oh and lets not forget about Kim Kardashian make up artists as well, I know that she has several different makeup artists. She is always looking stunning.

Shienside Sale WooHoo

So the other day I made a purchase off of Shienside. I found out about this website through a youtube guru that I watch. Hurry over to the website because they currently have 30% off  your first order along with other great sales. I literally loved almost ever piece and couldn't pass up purchasing a black leather jacket and a woven grey and black coat. I also decide to post a couple of other jackets that I thought were nice as well. All of these jackets were under 50 bucks. I think thats so great especially for the quality. I will be posting pictures wearing my new coats asap! Have a wonderful day! xoxo Alicia;)