Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Shopping Wish Lists

Anniversary Sale!!!!!!
So it's that time of year again where Nordstrom has there Anniversary sale. If your not to familiar with the anniversary sale let me just give you the run down. So each year Nordstrom has a huge sale were high priced items are marked down for a short period of time.  Those who are card holders get to shop the event first then it becomes open to the public. However certain things may not be in stock. Here are some of my favorite pieces that I have picked out. Let me know which ones you like as well. Thanks guys and have a beautiful day ;)

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Ole Henriksen: Summer Skin Care Essentials

Today's post is all about skincare. If your skin is anything like mines then oily skin is probably one of you biggest concerns. Having oily skin can be problematic, especially since people who suffer from excessive oily skin tend to have more breakouts. I recently switched up some of my skincare products because my skin has never been as oily as it is now. I have always loved Ole Henriksen's products even when my skin was really dry and flakey. So when I had the opportunity to try out some new skincare that targeted cleaning out my pores and balancing the oils on my face I became hopeful. 
Everyone's skin needs to be balanced. Which is why some people choose to apply a facial toner after they have washed their face. Ole Henriksen has a Pore-Balance Facial Sauna Scrub that gets rid of dead skin cells while balancing out the natural levels of your skin. This scrub detoxifies and deeply cleanses your pores. While also restoring your skin with "Neem" seed oil for hydration.

My favorite why to use this scrub is by applying luke warm water to my face then taking a pea sized amount onto both side of my face and gently rubbing in circular motions.

After gently rubbing my face for about a minute I rinse it with warm water which allows the product to melt down.

Above you can see that I applied the product onto my entire face. The texture is very griddy so you don't have apply much pressure for it to do its job. Also you don't want your skin to burn because you rubbed to hard.
After rinsing off the scrub I go in with the Counter Balance Oil Control Hydrator. I have combination skin so finding the perfect moisturizer that can control my oils as well as give my skin the hydration that it needs can be hard to find. However with Ole's Oil Control Hydrator I find that it does a great job at equally doing both.
***Fun Fact: People with oily skin still need to moisturize. Also using more products that contain oil signals a message to your skin telling itself to stop producing as much oil because your skin doesn't need to overcompensate for what it thinks it needs more of.

The 4th of July!

Happy 4th of July everybody! I hope everyone had a great day celebrating with their family and friends. I’m currently sitting at home making some food for a pot luck that I’m going to later on tonight. As fas as plans for the day I will be sitting outside with Ava eating bomb pops. They have always been my favorite since I was a little kid and Ava loves them just as much as I do!
 Ava is wearing a dress from Nautica. This year I decided to dress Ava and myself in red, white and blue. I wanted to put clear Jelly shoes on Ava however she made a big fuss. I gave in and let her wear her pink sparkly shoes from H&M.

My shirt is from Marshall's.  xoxo ;)